Isyflow VET

The digital cockpit for vocational education and training
Isyflow VET
Isyflow VET
Educational plans and digital forms
Associations and Oda's make their education plans and all digital forms for learning documentation, evaluations and semester reports available in one app in Isyflow. They can send news and regular and automated reminders, organize final exams and manage their evaluations.
Competences and situations
The vocational trainers receive a message when feedback is needed on an evaluation or learning documentation. The documented work situations of the learners are linked to the competencies or situations of the educational plans. This creates a clear picture of progress. In addition, personal development (work organization, flexibility, etc.) is recorded and can be discussed over time.
Isyflow VET
Isyflow VET
Learning site cooperation
Schools and training centers can use practical examples in class which the learners have approved after consultation. They learn which learners have done or not done similar things in their companies and can differentiate these groups in courses and thus supplement the company training in a targeted manner. Schools and Üks can visibly enter the learning objectives covered and tested for the companies.
Situated training material
Schools and inter-company courses assign training materials to situations. Vocational trainers link these exercises and learning materials to their learners as needed and receive a message when they have been worked through.
Isyflow VET
Isyflow VET
Course management
Associations, companies and schools publish courses, receive registrations, view the list of participants, trigger invoices, handle the face-to-face or online course in Isyflow and automatically send participation confirmations. You produce multimedia and interactive e-learning units in Isyflow and make them available for free or for a fee.

Rich functionality for every stakeholder


  • 40.- per learner for the duration of their training

    from 250 to 2000 new apprenticeship contracts per year, thereafter graduated prices

  • 28.- for use after the training

    As lifelong learning documentation, proof of experience and continuing education

  • 10.- additional for (*) functions.
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