Our Story

2010 ETH Lausanne, an elite university in French-speaking Switzerland. Guillaume Zuffrey is doing his doctorate with a simulation program for logisticians. They learn to set up warehouses and load trucks. The technology is reduced to one button. The on-button for projector and computer. Students then use only paper, weights and shelves to learn. The projection provides feedback, the simulation of a storage day provides further information. Today Tinkerlamp is used in 20 countries.

2011, Manfred Künzel, professor at a university of economics, uses a simple moderation material with plasticine and figures to achieve high student activity in primary schools and vocational schools. Complex facts or entire language books are represented with few, simple material. From autonomous learners. This convinces many teachers. Flemo is now used in 90% of vocational schools and many grammar schools in Switzerland and is also spreading in Germany.

2015 Guillaume and Manfred decide to combine their preference for minimal complexity with maximum benefit. You will experience how teachers get lost in confusing learning platforms or put together a bouquet of their own programs for the lessons and lose a lot of time with the instruction of classes. One click, one forum, one blog, one tray is created and all work the same. The journey into social exchange can begin. One click and activities are added to the media and learning is developed into autonomous e-learning. Only two years later there are two universities and a grammar school. The teachers formulate their needs, the learners demand simplicity. Isyflow becomes more powerful and easier.

2017 ETH Lausanne opens the Ed Tec Collider and brings together excellent ideas and companies on its campus. Lateral Studio with Isyflow is included. Further development takes place in a stimulating environment. The atmosphere and the close location on the campus brings the best computer science students into the project, as internships, as theses, as jobs. This allows us to develop many more features that can now take advantage of Moodle and large learning and exchange platforms. Already early customers work with the first version and pay enough so that Isyflow can come on the market without investors. This makes it possible to operate at very low prices and thus enable many teachers and learners to use Isyflow individually.

2018 Marc Dietschi, an enthusiastic trainer and consultant for holistic fitness and prudent community manager, completes his business studies. He says that Isyflow should no longer be restricted to Lateral Studio. As already in the development phase, the users should participate. Just as Tinkerlamp and Flemo were concerned with active learners who solve interesting and challenging problems, Isyflow also wanted to place technology in the background and training development and learners in the foreground. He believes that only an active community can explore at all levels of education how active learners can tackle challenging problems and how technology can support them. He starts building the community. And demands that Isyflow opens up to animation and simulation programs, so that everyone can run their own programs in the environment. Achmed Kulovic accepts the challenge and implements it in his master thesis for his computer science studies. Lateral Studio has meanwhile grown to 8 employees, 5 of them in coding and testing.






    • First Gymnasium working with Isyflow for e-learning.


    • First University switching from moodle to Isyflow for course management.


    • First Art and Music school working with Isyflow for course management and distant education.
    • First School for professional education using Isyflow for transfer between practice and theory.


    • First center for continuus education using Isyflow for blended learning.

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