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Isyflow is an online platform that offers easy to use yet effective communication, collaboration and management tools to innovative teachers and training institutions.

Covid-19 - free access for teachers and their classes

Are you a teacher looking for a simple and effective way to stay in touch with your students, share content and track their work? Even if they don't have an email address?

Use Isyflow for free until the end of the school year.

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The platform for primary and secondary schools.

In operation for five years.

Simple and immediate start: we create your classes and send a login code to all your users.

Simply send your phone number and a time when we can reach you to support@isyflow.ch. We will call you to plan the start-up of your platform.


CHF 2.00/student + CHF 300.00 for the preparation of your platform: our solidarity price for the duration of the school closure, all inclusive.

Or CHF 3600 for one year to turn this difficult period into an opportunity to discover the possibilities of digital education. We provide the platform and organise workshops with the teaching staff.

Very simple for primary and secondary schools

With a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Students connect with a simple code, from a browser or a mobile application.

  • Scan books, provide additional material (websites, videos, photos) and share it with other teachers. Personal data is stored in Zurich.
  • Add tasks and assign them to a few students or the whole class.
  • Pupils ask questions and send in their answers very simply, for example with a photo of their completed form.
  • And receive a reply from their teacher, with comments directly on the photo on their card.

Numerous possibilities for upper secondary, middle and vocational schools

  • Advanced task management (report rendering, multiple choice questions, group work, feedback, ...)
  • Accompaniment of projects, discussions, portfolio
  • Video sharing directly from a smartphone with integrated comments
  • Comments on the videos
  • Information letter to parents, students, teachers or a class

For teachers

Course homepage
Create workspaces and invite your students to start working with them.
Multimedia documents
Upload images, videos or PDFs, Isyflow will process them and display an elegant preview.
Pictures, videos and sounds annotations
Write comments to a specific time or place. Ideal for analysis.
Links integration
Enjoy beautiful integrations for videos, website previews, interactive forms and my more.
E-Learning activities
Create and assign and give feedback to e-learning tasks.
Blog and chats to discuss and share
Share and discuss content with the whole class or discuss with smaller groups.

For institutions

Easily keep your members informed with news.
Targeted communication
Send messages to all the teachers or all the students enrolled in a semester.
Course planning and calendar
Fully customisable course planner.
Course registrations
Let students register directly to the courses.
Course evaluations
Fully customisable evaluation forms, starting automatically
Sms sendings
Send automatic reminders or custom messages for unexpected events.




per month (CHF/€)
  • Teacher features
  • Homepage + workspaces hierarchy
  • Organisation features (in option)
  • 200 members included
  • 2.-/member/mo
  • 120 GB storage
  • 1.-/mo per 10GB
  • Priority email and phone support
Individuelle Pläne befinden sich in einer privaten Testphase und werden bald verfügbar sein. Bitte kontaktieren Sie uns, wenn Sie an einer Teilnahme an der Testphase interessiert sind oder informiert werden möchten, wenn diese Pläne verfügbar sind.